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Full Moon


Midwifery Care

an ancient tradition. a modern choice.

Over 50 years

of combined experience

with homebirth

Caring for the heart and safety of each mother and baby...

Our Philosophy of Care

We serve women and their families in the role of collaborative birth partners. As matriarchs and maverick midwives within our birth community, we view ourselves as 'birth keepers.' In this role, we value the strong connection with women, nature and the primal function of the woman's body.

We hold a firm belief in the time-honored wise-woman ways while blending current evidence-based practices. We assist clients as they settle into their authentic power and help them to avoid the hyper-medicalized industrial birth model. Our simple, uncomplicated, wholistic style is based on a trust in the natural functions of the woman's body in an undisturbed setting. As a trusted guide, we recognize that it is the woman who holds her own power and authority. 

The experience we've gained as long-standing midwives serving Connecticut families has shown us the value of 'seasonal' midwifery care. This approach allows us to create space for restoration by only accepting client due dates from November 1st-May 30th. This infuses our commitment towards providing full continuity of care. With knowledge of the current medical model, both in and out of the hospital, we believe quality care is best ensured when it is not fragmented among caregivers. Therefore, we have dedicated our practice to providing full continuity of care. We are inspired to take back the true essence of what it means to be 'with woman' and bring midwifery back to its roots. 

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