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"Nancy proved herself to be the perfect midwife throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum journey. I feel very privileged to have been able to experience birthing in the comfort of my own home while having the security of two skilled midwives by my side. Nancy is wholeheartedly recommended to all who prefer seeking natural approaches to health."

Sarah R.

Coventry, CT

"Having Nancy and Kim on my team was a dream come true. A dream I now find myself wishing for all women. To experience a loving, supportive, nurturing, safe, sacred, healing and powerful time from pregnancy to birth...even postpartum. All of it was only possible because of Nancy and Kim"

Erin W.

Clinton, CT

"What a fantastic person... super cool and expert in what you do, with a twist of beauty and humor. What a perfect package. Nancy you have given me a wonderful perspective. Thank you for that inspiration!"


Melissa P.

Aspiring Doula

Middlebury, CT

"Nancy and Kim are the ultimate birthkeepers! Their years of experience and glowing reputation made them the only choice when I was looking for midwives. From the moment I met them, I felt an instant connection. Nancy and Kim listened to me throughout my pregnancy, validating any concerns I had, encouraging me along the way, and preparing me for the big day. My homebirth went just as I had hoped. They were right there with me - allowing me to trust my body and giving me the freedoms I had hoped for regarding my care."


Sloan W.

Mansfield, CT  

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