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We are available to attend all prenatal and postpartum visits throughout the entire year and we are on-call for due dates ranging from November through May.
In order to maintain a high standard of care, we offer a model of 'seasonal' midwifery. In an effort to provide the most personal experience possible for our clients we offer exclusive home visits with no extra fee. Home care best suits our families for a variety of reasons. The arrival of a pandemic alongside a pregnancy is a new experience for all of us. During these times we believe this also offers the best protection by limiting exposure outside of your home.
Our justice forward practice is all-inclusive and Covid conscious. Our services include wholistic prenatal care, attendance through your labor and birth, and continued mother/baby care through 8 weeks following the birth. 

Our prenatal visits are typically over an hour long and address both the physical and emotional concerns and needs of mother and baby. Women are welcome to involve their family members and friends as desired. Prenatal care includes access to prenatal labwork, screening for GBS (group beta streptococcus), and referrals for ultrasound sonography for those who choose to utilize this technology. Visits occur monthly until 28 weeks, then bi-weekly. At 36 weeks, we compile your specific desires for your home birth as well as go over our emergency back-up plan.  After the 36th week visit, we meet weekly until the baby arrives. 


 We are typically in contact during early labor and come to your home once active labor has been established. We monitor both mother and baby, providing the individualized support you need. We are prepared to intervene if necessary, but the vast majority of mothers and babies planning homebirth do best with a hands-off (less is more) approach. Our goal is to support a woman's natural birth hormones and inner wisdom to give birth to their baby and placenta naturally and safely.

We stay a minimum of 3 hours following the birth; longer if there have been any complications or unusual circumstances.  Generally, we stay until the mother has eaten, had something to drink, gotten cleaned up, urinated, the uterus is firm, the baby has nursed, postpartum instructions have been given and mother and baby are in love! Ahh, the babymoon begins!



Most of our clients utilize aqua therapy during labor and birth in water. Water birth is safe and beneficial to mother and baby, and we highly recommend this option.


Planning a homebirth with a skilled attendant provides an opportunity to birth without major surgery in the absence of a valid medical reason. Our clients' VBAC success rate is over 86%. We would love to discuss your desires for a VBAC. 


Postpartum visits are done in your home on days 1, 3, and 7, followed by a 2 or 3 week visit and completing care at 6-8 weeks. Care for the newborn includes a comprehensive newborn exam on the day of birth, thorough follow-ups, help with breastfeeding, access to newborn screening, and registration of the birth in order to receive a birth certificate and social security card.

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